Lowery's uses an unique hot-air coffee roasting process. A continuous flow of hot air lifts the green beans, simultaneously heating and mixing the beans. Fresh air flows through the beans and carries away smoke, chaff and dust as the beans are roasted.

Since the chaff and dust are not burned in the roasting chamber, as in traditional roasters, our coffee is never burned or smoky tasting. No water is used in the cooling process so all this fine flavor is preserved. The unique flavor of a specific arabica coffee comes through very clean and distinct which helps make Lowery's
Washington State's finest

Gourmet Coffees.

Lowery's uses only genuine high quality arabica coffees. Arabica coffees have less than half the caffeine in the robusta coffees used for most generic canned coffees. For even less caffeine see our
decaffeinated coffees.


Acidity: Gives coffee a sharp, lively pleasing flavor. Acidity may be high, medium, light, low or lacking altogether in coffees. Acidity is characteristic of high grown coffees. Coffees lacking acidity taste flat and dull.

Altitude: Coffee grown at high altitudes enjoys a lighter, more delicately balanced flavor. Low altitudes produce the full-bodied coffees.

Body: Coffee may be thin, light, medium, full, heavy, as well as buttery, oily, rich, etc. Richness in flavor is the impression of weight and texture in the mouth.Pungency: Strong, full - flavor. A pleasing bite that stimulates the senses.

Rich: Full and mellow in flavor. The term is used to reflect depth and complexity of flavor.

Spicy: Strong aroma and flavor reminiscent of spices giving zest to


Tangy: A sharp distinctive, often lingering odor.

Wild: An exciting flavor with new sensations for your mouth to savor.

Winey: Denotes an exhilarating vinous acidity. Also may indicate a thick body and mellow quality.
Characteristic of some truly fine coffees.

Ripe Coffee Cherries

Our World of Coffees

Lowery's uses the European Water Extraction process. This method is mainly used on green coffee beans that are decaffeinated in Germany and imported to the United States for roasting. Water is

used to remove the caffeine from the green beans. Solvents then remove caffeine from the water and the water is then returned to the green coffee beans to restore any lost flavors. Solvent NEVER touches the beans directly.

All our decaffeinated coffees are 98% caffeine free.

Green Coffee Cherries

Our flavored coffees are the best that you will find. We use only the finest arabica coffee beans and pure flavor extracts. Extensive research has gone in to selecting the best flavors and ingredients and then applying just the exact combination which results in giving the customer the best aroma and flavor.

Hazelnut - Tasty, honey-sweet

Northwest Hazelnuts joined with fresh coffee beans for a pleasant change-of-pace coffee experience.
Chocolate Mint - Chocolate with a refreshing touch of mint added to the finest of arabica coffees.

Koffee Almond Fudge - Your favorite liqueur, Mom's fudge, and the best of coffee beans. What could be better?

Irish Cream - Fine Arabica coffee flavored with the famous Irish Cream Liqueur. A luscious, calorie-free dessert brew.

Raspberries and Cream - This wonderful after dinner coffee starts with Central and South American beans for extremely mild flavor.