Swiss Chocolate Almond - Luscious world - renown Swiss Chocolate taste combined with the flavor of fresh roasted almonds matched to our high quality coffee.


Emerald City Roast - Is a dark roast, resulting in a smooth and creamy taste. It is a classic full bodied coffee highly recommended for those who truly enjoy a real cup of coffee.

Elliot Bay Fogcutter - This is a classic dark coffee without bitterness. Perfect to clear the cobwebs from your mind on typical Northwest mornings.

French Roast - Has an especially

full-bodied, bittersweet flavor with the unmistakable burned undertones that make it famous. The surface of the beans are rich with natural oils brought to the surface by the dark roasting process.

Italian Roast - Is a full bodied and
rich coffee. Our Italian Roast is darker than Espresso, lighter than French Roast. Preferred by Mediterranean coffee drinkers.


Sumatra Supreme - One of the finest and highest priced coffees, medium roasted to accentuate its full-bodied robust character. From Indonesia which has been

known for its coffees since the seventeenth century.


Breakfast Blend - An exclusive blend of fine Central and South American coffees, especially blended for the morning hours of coffee enjoyment.

Colombian Supremo - The renown 100% Colombian coffee at its finest; a medium-bodied, mellow and sweet cup. Supremo is the highest grade available from the popular Colombian crop.

Our World of Coffees

You must begin with only the best ingredients in order to produce the best cup of coffee. We recommend you invest in an electric coffee grinder. You will be amazed at the added flavor and aroma you will get from grinding your coffee freshly for each pot.

Start with fresh, good tasting, cold water. Experiment with the amounts of water and coffee to use to find the correct proportions to suit your personal taste. RULE OF THUMB: For every 8-10 cups of water use

10 level tablespoons or approximately 1/2 cup of ground coffee. Always keep your coffee brewing equipment clean.

Many brewing techniques may be used, depending on your preference. Automatic drip or hand poured coffee makers produce some of the best results and are easy to use. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR COFFEE TO BOIL. We do not recommend percolators for brewing coffee for this reason. Never repour coffee over used grounds. This makes it bitter not stronger. Stir your coffee after brewing for uniform strength. Serve coffee as soon as possible after

brewing for maximum flavor.


The best way to store your whole coffee beans is to put them in a tightly covered glass container in your refrigerator. If you keep them longer than a week, store them in your freezer. Coffee beans do not need to thaw before you grind them. Buy your favorite coffee beans in small quantities for freshest possible flavor.

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